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Features of bamboo furniture, a review of models

Features of bamboo furniture, a review of models

Bamboo is a symbol of longevity, happiness and good luck in the house. Therefore, bamboo furniture is so popular in the east. Its demand among Russians is steadily growing. Such furnishings are lightweight, durable, compact in size. The plant belongs to the group of tree-like cereals. Modern methods of processing the material allow you to create unique furniture for the interior in the style of country, ethnic, provence or classics. The products are unpretentious in care and very durable.

Pros and cons

Bamboo stems with a wall thickness of 1-1.5 cm are used in furniture production; branches with a minimum width of 0.5 cm are suitable for weaving. Pre-trunks undergo calibration and thermal treatment. Coating the material with varnish protects it from cracking.

An alternative to solid trunks is pressed material. It allows you to create flat structural elements: cabinet walls, countertops, sofa bases, furniture facades.

The main advantages of bamboo used in furniture production include:

  • finished products are not afraid of high humidity, suitable for outdoor terraces, summer cafes, saunas, gazebos and a bathroom in the house;
  • bamboo furniture has a natural color, is able to set the general style of the interior;
  • When growing bamboo, growth accelerators are not used, so the material is highly environmentally friendly. When heated, it does not emit harmful substances, does not fade in the sun;
  • various items of furniture are made from bamboo: chairs, tables, wardrobes, beds, chairs. To complement the interior using bamboo blinds, lamps, decorative figurines;
  • the material is not damaged by woody insects, does not rot. The surface does not allow moisture, so the finished product can be used in the bathroom, sauna;
  • bamboo shoots grow very quickly, they are undemanding to conditions, therefore the cost of material is low;
  • in products, bamboo is easily combined with other materials: glass, rattan, textile, leather, wood;
  • a large number of colors of finished products. The natural color of the material is golden reed color;
  • the plant has a positive energy. Furniture from the trunks creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere;
  • even people with disabilities will be able to use chairs and armchairs. Products are light weight, small in size. It is possible to rearrange large furniture without involving movers.

Products are made manually from natural raw materials without the use of adhesives, chemical impregnations, alkyd varnishes. Only special wood resins are used in the processing. Bamboo furniture should not be used in high temperatures and low humidity. The material will dry out and crack.The disadvantages also include the impossibility of placing objects near heating appliances, open flame sources.

Bamboo as a material for building or creating something is very convenient

Bamboo furniture and bamboo benches

Bamboo furniture and fixtures are exceptionally practical and decorative.

Furniture selection

High-quality, professional-made bamboo furniture


The presence of different forms of material: pressed boards, thin branches, wide trunks allows you to create various furnishings. Here are their main groups.


Wicker furniture made of bamboo and rattan is actively used in the design of the kitchen, terrace, balcony and even the living room. Products are woven from thin branches, frames are made from wide stems. The furniture is light, strong, durable. Thin branches are not subject to cracking even at maximum loads.

Garden sets fit optimally into the natural landscape. Chairs and armchairs have wicker seats, backs. For legs and frame choose a solid one-piece bamboo trunk.

Products from interwoven bamboo branches weigh much less than from pressed or solid material. But practically not inferior to them in strength.

Creative wood and bamboo items

garden furniture

Caring for Bamboo Furniture


Most cabinets are made of combined materials: a wooden frame with bamboo doors. Sashes can be hinged or with rollers. According to this principle, 2 types of cabinets are distinguished:

  • swing wardrobes or bookcases. Thick trunks are used in the production of the frame; thin trims are suitable for walls and doors. Models from extruded bamboo outwardly resemble products from MDF or chipboard. In terms of density and strength, bamboo plates are superior to wood, while they have less weight. Fixing accessories in bamboo slabs is very reliable. In products with small leaves, wicker bamboo inserts are sometimes used, which gives an oriental flavor and charm;
  • sliding wardrobes with a roller system. If the models are built-in, but doors are made from bamboo plates or wicker plates. In models with three doors, combined facades can be made: the side facades are made of bamboo plates, the central one is decorated with photo printing with embossing, decoacryl.

For the manufacture of facades of cabinets, doors, coupe models use material from the upper sections of the plant. It is characterized by maximum decorativeness. Products, as a rule, have a natural shade. Decorative luster is achieved with water-based varnish.

Bamboo furniture

Furniture made from bamboo is durable

Contemporary bamboo furniture

Wardrobe with bamboo blinds

Armchairs and Chairs

For chairs made of bamboo is characterized by the presence of a stable low frame. The legs and base of the back are made of strong stems; they almost always have a rounded shape. The back and seat are made of wicker branches or thin rails. The armrests are continuation of the back or are absent altogether. Fans of soft seats can complement the bamboo chair with a soft textile pillow, which is fixed with ties or Velcro.

The advantage of bamboo chairs is the good ventilation of the seats and backs. Even in the heat, the body will not sweat. The ethnic interior looks interesting chairs, the seat of which is only 20-30 cm from the floor. Models imitate the throne, have wide armrests from the trunks and backs with wicker inserts.

For relaxation and relaxation, the atmosphere of the room includes rocking chairs or papasan chairs. They have bizarre shapes, in the manufacture of using bamboo with rattan. Despite the considerable size, all models of armchairs and chairs are lightweight, even a child can easily rearrange them.

Rocking-chair Verba bamboo green

Rocking chair from bamboo

Round wicker chair

Wicker furniture made of bamboo

Wicker rocking chair bamboo

The beds

Bamboo furniture is optimal for the bedroom. It is completely natural and safe, has its own style and lasts a long time. The beds are a frame with or without a back. To complete the base, the most durable wide trunks that have undergone heat treatment are used. Cross bars allow you to put the mattress, while maintaining good air exchange.

The heads can be connected from several trunks or half-trunks fixed to a pressed plate. Add lightness is possible with decorative inserts made of wicker bamboo.To make the beautiful texture of the material visible, the top layer of bamboo is cleaned, the surface is coated with colorless varnish. If adult woody shoots were used to make the bed, then its color will be dark.

Bamboo in the interior

Bamboo bed


Single bed

Sleeping place

Tables, chests of drawers, cabinets

Worktops, side and rear walls of chests of drawers, pedestals are made of pressed material. Fittings are well kept in bamboo, so chests of drawers and drawers have several drawers. The high strength of bamboo slabs allows you to store even heavy things in them. There are models of chests of drawers and cabinets fully woven from bamboo branches. Such products are suitable for storing textiles and other light things.

Tables are simple in shape, the countertop is rectangular, square or rounded. Their legs are low, straight. For a modern interior of country houses, tables with glass countertops are suitable; they are included in dining rooms or tea furniture sets. Small wicker tables will decorate the balcony, terrace, gazebo.

Bamboo Coffee Table

Chest of bamboo

Chest of drawers

Furniture in the interior

Bamboo desk

How to fit into the interior

The natural color of the material allows you to fit bamboo furniture into almost any interior:

  • For an apartment decorated in ethnic style, a bed, sofa, armchairs, and a table made of thick bamboo trunks on low legs are perfect. Products choose simple rectangular shapes in natural colors. If the walls and floor are decorated in light colors, then you should prefer dark bamboo products, so they will stand out beautifully;
  • the kitchen, dining room, living room in the style of Provence or country can be decorated with a woven bamboo set. Textile seat cushions choose pastel plain colors or with a small pattern. Bamboo furniture is also suitable for the bedroom interior. Stylish wardrobes, beds and chests of drawers choose with wicker inserts;
  • in a modern or classic interior you can use furniture from bamboo slabs of simple shapes. In appearance, it resembles a wooden one and is easily combined with it. The color of products can be from the lightest to wenge or black. Cabinet doors are decorated with tinted glass, tables are complemented by countertops made of the same material;
  • in the interior of high-tech bamboo products are used singly, choosing natural shades. In contrast to the cold design of the walls and floor, they give the interior a special charm.

The main colors of bamboo slabs are: golden straw natural, brown coffee, zebra with dark striped splashes, the darkest ebony. The material is used not only in the furniture industry, but also in the manufacture of floor coverings, blinds, mats.


Interior Design

Design thought creates amazing bamboo solutions

Natural bamboo coloring

Furniture idea

Selection and Care Rules

Bamboo is unpretentious material. It is resistant to moisture, but excessive drying can lead to cracking. To avoid this, bamboo furniture should be placed away from sources of open fire, radiators. It is also recommended not to take out chairs and armchairs from a warm house immediately in the cold. The difference in external temperature from warm to cold and vice versa should be gradual.

Abrasive products cannot be used to clean furniture; they will provoke the formation of microcracks. Using regular powder or soap is also not recommended. Regular processing is carried out with a special composition for bamboo.

You can only use chairs and armchairs after they have completely dried out, since wet material is easily deformed. It is easy to remove dust in hard-to-reach places with a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for furniture or with a special brush.

If furniture is used outdoors, in direct sunlight, it is necessary to update the varnish coating annually. So the term can extend their service life. If scratches appear on the surface, then the damaged area must be sanded and treated with a tinting paste.

The use of bamboo in furniture manufacturing has enabled many consumers to decorate their homes with eco-friendly furniture at an affordable price. Handmade products have their own unique charm and design.They are easy to carry, but have sufficient strength.


A photo

How to paint bamboo

Dark bamboo bed


Bamboo Kitchen Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Bamboo furniture - the perfection of naturalness

Bamboo furniture in the interior

Bamboo furniture as a way to prove yourself

Designer furniture

Furniture made of bamboo

Room decor

Relive the interior with bamboo

Wicker furniture


Modern furniture

Stylish design

Exterior and cottage handmade

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