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Popular models of beds for dolls, safe materials

Popular models of beds for dolls, safe materials

Girls' favorite toys are dolls. To make the game more fun, you need to create an amazing puppet world with furniture and accessories. It is especially important for each girl to put the toy to bed, so in the children's corner there should be a bed for the doll, which is easy to craft with your own hands from improvised material.

Design Options

Furniture for your favorite doll should be liked by the child and be environmentally friendly. This item combines usability, colorful elegant design, as well as reliability. A doll bed can repeat the shape of a real one, but you can create a bizarre figure, which will be even more interesting. There are several varieties of beds. The choice of a particular model depends on the material of manufacture, the size of the play area, and the preferences of the child. In addition, you need to know the size and number of dolls for which the sleeping bed is intended.

Toy cots can be divided into several types:

  • single model;
  • double;
  • lullaby;
  • two-tier;
  • with a curbstone, a changing table;
  • with box for linen, chest of drawers;
  • with canopy, mobile;
  • extendable model with an extra berth;
  • sofa;
  • transformer.

By type of bed frame can be:

  • with two side panels and supporting walls;
  • only with a headboard (hinged back);
  • on the legs.

To create an exclusive model, you can play with the form:

  • square, rectangle;
  • circle, oval;
  • fantasy figure;
  • angular model, triangle (for a sofa).

Bed options

Bunk bed for dolls (three berths)

Bunk bed for dolls pink textile

What are the sizes

Regardless of the size of the children's room, parents should choose toy furniture so that it not only matches the size of the doll, but also does not impede the exit from the room, does not interfere with cleaning, and makes the game process comfortable and fun. The most commonly used sizes are cribs that match the parameters of modern toys: from 10 to 70 cm.

It is these sizes of furniture that most manufacturers offer. In addition, if you need to make a bed with your own hands, it can be made of any size, which is often an advantage when used with toys of a non-standard size. The size of the doll furniture may depend on the type of material used in its manufacture. When choosing a model, you need to consider the age of the child. Children under 3 years old are not recommended to play with small objects or toys that contain small parts.

Standard dimensions for the size of the doll.

Bed model The dimensions of the crib LxWxH
For dolls up to 52 cm 55x35x29
For dolls up to 50 cm 52x28x25
Cradle for dolls up to 52 cm 53x30x60
Bunk for dolls up to 50 cm 50x28x56


For dolls up to 65 cm 67x32x25
Cradle for dolls up to 55 cm 56x30x60

Models made of paper and cardboard need to be made large so that they support the weight of the doll, or you need to further strengthen the details. The structure of solid wood is also made large, which is convenient when working with such material.


How to make a bunk bed for dolls

The safest materials

A toy bed will become a favorite item in the game if it looks like a real one, only smaller. In addition, the toy should have some features that affect the choice of material:

  • product quality and safety;
  • the ability to process parts;
  • similarity with the real product.

The following materials are considered the most popular and safe:

  • wood, plywood sheets;
  • paper, thick cardboard;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • matchboxes;
  • plastic, plastic containers for cosmetics, food;
  • sponges for dishes, viscose napkins for cleaning;
  • polymer clay, plasticine;
  • metal rods, wire.

To determine which version of the material is preferred, you need to know its features and the complexity of the work.


Most preferred for a child is a wooden doll bed. It is performed according to ready-made patterns of plywood, fiberboard, wooden canvas.

Such products have their advantages:

  • environmentally friendly material;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • strong, durable;
  • aesthetically attractive;
  • resistant to mechanical damage.

A wooden bed for a doll is often made in two versions: in the form of an ordinary bed or cradle, which can be swayed. When choosing a base, you need to remember that the tree is sensitive to moisture, requires careful processing of the edge. When working, you need to use additional tools, fasteners and substances.

It is good to use sheets of softwood for the manufacture of doll furniture. Such products will not rot and create a pleasant aroma in the nursery.

To make the simplest version, a rocking bed for dolls will need:

  • plywood sheet;
  • jigsaw, file;
  • pencil;
  • joiner's glue or "liquid nails".

A template of this design can be found or invented by yourself. The cradle can have the following dimensions: 130x125x105 mm.

The main construction details:

  • bottom;
  • 2 side parts;
  • headboard;
  • the foot.

When making a drawing of the crib, it is necessary to leave protrusions on both sides with a width of 10-15 mm to connect the parts. To simplify the work, you first need to cut a large rectangle, and then cut off the excess on the sides. All furniture items need polishing. To eliminate sharp edges, corners and edges of the product, you can cover the parts with a cloth or smooth out irregularities with putty on wood.

A standard rocking bed for a doll made of plywood consists of 3 parts:

  • 2 backrests;
  • sleeping place.

The connection of such elements with glue or screws forms a frame. To make the bed look as real as possible, it needs to be filled with bedding and decorated.

Wooden crib for a doll, small

Toy furniture

Rocking bed for a doll wooden


A cheaper option is a bed made of plastic. Such material is universal, it is able to take various forms. This makes it possible to obtain models of various shapes and colors.

The advantages of the models are as follows:

  • ease;
  • practicality, durability;
  • not exposed to moisture, corrosion.

A significant drawback of such a product is the possible release of harmful substances. In addition, the appearance of the bed over time loses its appeal due to the appearance of scratches, fading.

Bed for a doll

Plastic bed

Doll furniture

Cardboard, paper, drywall

A bed for a doll made of cardboard is very simple. You can bring a child to this activity. Paper blanks are safe for children. In addition, ready-made drawers or shoe boxes make it possible to assemble a piece of furniture without extra effort in a few minutes.To create a miniature bed, you can use several matchboxes with cardboard. To do this, just glue the boxes on the side, and cut cardboard strips as legs or attach wooden ice cream sticks. In this way, you can make a bed with drawers or a chest of drawers.

No less interesting and durable are the models made of drywall scraps that remained after the repair. From such material you can assemble a reliable bunk bed, only you will have to fix the sheets with tin corners or use special glue. The edges of such products must be well treated with sandpaper.

Bunk bed

How to make a doll bed out of the box

Crafts from cardboard boxes

Metal and plastics

Metal products are an ideal value for money. They are durable and environmentally friendly, withstand heavy loads, are not afraid of temperature and humidity changes. Elegant and durable models of beds, where the whole body is made of metal rods or only individual details differ from the bulk of things in the children's room.

Polymer clay and plastic self-hardening masses are a good basis for creativity, the manifestation of imagination. Such compositions are easy to use, and after appropriate processing become solid and durable. Fancy fairy-tale cradle shapes for the princess made of such material will take pride of place in the house.

Toys for girls

Bed for a doll metal

Furniture made of metal


Polyfoam or polystyrene is a universal material that serves as the basis for the bed of the princess or the back for the sofa. When working with him, special skills and tools are not required; it is enough to acquire a clerical knife.

Related fillings and accessories

To decorate the crib, you can use any accessories and techniques that are safe for children's health. The aesthetics and beauty of the product depends on the external finish, so you need to think carefully about the upholstery and material for decoration.

It could be:

  • acrylic and watercolor paints;
  • shreds of fabric, colored paper, stickers;
  • burning, wood carving;
  • braid, lace, ribbons;
  • beads, buttons.

How to make a doll bed from a basket

King bed

Bed on wheels

The filling will be a set of pillows, mattress, bedspread, blanket.

You can make a sleeping set from the following materials:

  • foam rubber, chintz (for the mattress);
  • synthetic winterizer, cotton wool (for blankets, pillows);
  • the cloth;
  • braid, knitted details (for decoration).

Pillows can be of different sizes, the blanket consists of two pieces of fabric, it needs to be tailored to fit the size of the sleeping bed, and the sheet makes 2 times the size of the mattress. In addition to fabric, you can use other materials: microfiber cloths, knitted fabric, felt.

Additional game elements will be accessories that will give cosiness to the atmosphere and mark the space around the crib. You can create a canopy of organza, which can easily be transformed into a curtain, install small nightstands with a plasticine night light, and lay a rug. The head of the bed should be soft, laying foam inside, quilting with threads.

Beds for dolls are distinguished by a variety of sizes, models and workmanship. If you failed to purchase the desired item, you can craft it at home. This fascinating and uncomplicated lesson will create new ideas for creativity and give joy to the child.


A photo

Bed with linen


Doll furniture

Handmade doll house


Master Class


Wood model


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