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Antique furniture options and nuances to keep in mind
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A variety of designer furniture from custom materials

A variety of designer furniture from custom materials

Creating a unique interior takes a lot of time and effort. The designer will quickly and quality solve the problem. He will help to make a choice, and if necessary create a unique furniture design that will meet all the requirements of the client.


Designer furniture is exclusive. Brand products are made in limited quantities and using special technologies. A furniture designer can create one item for many months. The master puts maximum effort and imagination. The result is unusual pieces: luminous sofas, chairs in the form of balls, bent tables.

Designer products differ from factory ones, and in a positive way:

  • High quality - for the work of the designer uses reliable and proven materials;
  • Environmental friendliness - exclusive furnishings consist of natural materials that contain no harmful substances;
  • Style - the appearance of the products attracts attention - unusual colors and shapes are used, non-standard combinations;
  • Multifunctionality - most of the products that the designer made the furniture designer have several functions (wardrobe-bed, chair-bed);
  • Increased comfort.

The only minus of the design work is the high price. However, this point is justified by the use of high quality and expensive materials. This also includes manual work and the use of unique technologies and tools.

Wooden furniture with design elements

Designer furniture

Wood furniture

Unusual table

Fancy plastic chairs


Design work is original. Sometimes at first glance it is impossible to determine what material was used in the manufacture of the chair or table. And in some cases, beds, armchairs and chairs are not like themselves. The main condition for the design of furniture and interior design is attractiveness and comfort for a person. Along with this, creative craftsmen create furniture for animals. Small items of decor, as well as cabinet and upholstered furniture are made by craftsmen from the most unusual materials.

Solid wood

A famous designer, a furniture designer from Russia, once decided to carve armchairs, cabinets and chairs from solid oak. To increase the strength, he boiled wood products in oil. Design development and implementation of the idea lasts long enough: from a month to six months. The simplest objects include hemp chairs decorated with interesting carvings. Finished products are expensive. Often the price reaches half a million.

Minimalistic modern desk

Solid wood furniture

Designer desk

Solid wood chairs

Comfortable armchair

From wine corks

Modern designers are able to create anything from anything. Wine corks have long interested creative people.Now you can order or purchase a ready-made chair, table or chair, completely made of wine corks. You can create one yourself if the furniture designer remotely opens up some tips for you.

Frameless furniture will revive any environment. Most of all, such products are suitable for a home in the country. The pioneer in the world of "cork" furniture was the designer from Germany - Gabriel Wiese. He created a collection of armchairs and sofas.

DIY chairs

Cork Chairs

Cork chair

Cork Wine Crafts

Big original chair

From basalt fiber

The foreign company Maffam Freeform has managed to combine environmental friendliness and creativity. Latvian designer furniture designer creates unique collections of basalt fiber for home and garden. Hand-made chairs, tables and chairs are distinguished by their sophisticated and original look. With dark basalt furniture it is easy to create a unique interior.

Elite designer furniture created using unique technology (volcanic rock fibers connected by eco-resins) is suitable for use both in the apartment and on the street. A polyurethane coating is applied over the basalt, which protects the chairs and tables from exposure to sunlight. The furniture is very durable and light.

Basalt garden furniture

Armchair black

Basalt garden chair

Armchair for home

From glass

Designer glass furniture looks like a work of art. Due to the plasticity of the material, the designer can embody any idea in the collection. Designing does not require much time, but as a result, bent chairs, wavy tables and round chairs are obtained.

Glass objects fit into any setting. With their help, you can create the design of small apartments. Glass products are organically adjacent to elements from other materials, and visually expand the space. As a basis, you can take the beige design of the dining room or another room. In this case, the interior design will be bright and airy.

Glass coffee table made of wood

Glass and mirror furniture

Glass table


Usually gray mass is used in the construction of houses. But for furniture and interior design there are no prohibitions. From concrete, you can create an actual design for any room. Rooms with white concrete furniture and dark walls will look great.

Building material is adjacent to the tree, so you can see a photo of furniture, where the cabinet consists of a stone frame and wooden shelves. On the Internet you can find images of tables, chairs and armchairs, which are completely cast from the concrete mass.

Concrete couch

Armchair and table

From cars

Automotive furniture from renowned designers - these are furnishings based on the details of machines that have failed. Buyers of automotive creativity are the owners of theme cafes, restaurants, car dealership bars, car dealerships and car services.

Furniture from cars has not only an exclusive design, but also high strength. A furniture designer is able to create a table, instead of legs that will have an engine, or a sofa from a one-piece car. For a cafe or bar, you can order chairs for visitors from a sports car. Automotive theme is a kind of industrial furniture design.

Designer furniture from cars

Car Furniture

Satro car in the interior of the house

From plywood

Wood is the favorite material of designers. It is easy to process, and products from it are durable and safe. Plywood is no exception, so some designers are happy to take it as a basis for creating chairs, tables and cabinets for the house and cottage.

For an apartment you can buy a cabinet from plywood for a TV. In order to use plywood furniture in the bathroom or on the street, the material is subjected to special processing in the process of creation.

To improve the appearance and extend the life of the plywood is coated and laminated. Living room or library with plywood furniture will look unusual and stylish.

Art wall

Plywood furniture


Epoxy resin furniture design is considered the most attractive. Combining a familiar wood with a glassy mass, the designer, the designer of furniture, creates unique surfaces. Typically, this design technique is used to create tables for various purposes.

Epoxy furniture will fit into the interior of the apartment and office, decorated in any style. Most often, tabletops with resin paintings are purchased for interior decoration in the loft style, which involves the presence of rough textures, wood and metal and glass shine. Original tables are suitable for hotels.

Well-known designers, at the request of customers, place three-dimensional images under the table cover: deep sea, starry sky. All that is coated with epoxy resin will retain its original appearance for several decades. Products made of polymeric material are absolutely safe: they do not emit toxic substances and do not emit unpleasant odors. For eco-design, furniture made of wood and epoxy is ideal.

Blue table

Epoxy Worktop

The use of epoxy to create furniture

Exclusive DIY furniture

Epoxy furniture

Popular destinations and styles

There are three popular areas in furniture design:

  1. Historical - here include styles that were formed in a certain era: empire, baroque, classic. To transform the premises in one of them, you must have a large area. Historical furniture designers should clearly distinguish 2 main features - luxury and romance;
  2. Ethnic - each style of direction carries the culture of a certain people. You can create the atmosphere of the African savannah, the rich East or Japanese minimalism in any room;
  3. Modern - over time, the styles mix, forming new amazing forms of design. In the first place in any style of the new world is functionality. The design of the room can be bright or vice versa - minimalist. Clear boundaries, straight lines, lack of small details are the hallmarks of hi-tech.

Each direction combines several styles that have similarities and differences. Designer furniture has a huge number of species and subspecies. In this regard, it is easy to find an option that is suitable for a certain room in all respects.

The choice of modern furniture with an original design

DIY furniture

Tables and chairs in white


To create an environment in a particular style or direction, it is not always necessary to purchase new items. A modern bed or bedside table, on which the designer has worked, can acquire the appearance of a product in any style.

Decoupage technique

The principle of decorating in this way is to cut patterns from different materials and stick them on smooth surfaces. A transparent varnish is applied over the glued pieces. The base material used is paper, fabric or leather.

The classic version of decoupage is sticking pictures on the front of the furniture. If it is necessary to decorate transparent details, then the picture is attached on the back side. Using decoupage technique, you can make a mosaic: stick pieces that form a complete image.

What is decoupage on cabinet furniture

New fabric

An ordinary sofa, chair or chair can be transformed by replacing the upholstery. Each style in the interior requires its own fabric. In some cases, you can use the skin. To begin the restoration of old furniture in this way, you need to remove the old fabric - it measures the new upholstery, and only then new textiles are pulled. If the hauling seems complicated, then you can sew furniture covers. To put them on a chair or sofa, you do not need to remove the old upholstery.

Covering the sofa with new fabric


Some interior styles cannot do without rare furniture. Not everyone can afford to buy a chair or chair from the last century. To save money, there is a variant - artificial aging. The process does not require large investments and time. There are several ways to obtain the effect of antiquity: cleaning the surface of paint and sanding the top layer of wood, applying a thin layer of gold or silver paint, coating with stain. Each of the options is used to manipulate wooden furniture. With their help, it is easy to create vintage furniture yourself.

Aging cabinets

A photo

Unusual chair

Advantages of Designer Furniture

TV Stand

Low chair for baby

Unusual look of the table

Creative cabinet furniture

Beautiful original furniture

Designer desk


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