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Step-by-step creation of an original table from the engine, installation of lighting

Step-by-step creation of an original table from the engine, installation of lighting

Among modern interior styles, Art Nouveau, high-tech, loft or futurism prevail. All of them require the use of extraordinary elements in the design of the room, which can become its main emphasis. For example, an unusual solution for the living room is a table made of an engine, this is a stylish art object that can serve as a place to store a couple of bottles of wine. Surprisingly, such furniture, which will invariably arouse admiration of guests, can be made independently. Having picked up a suitable car engine or motorcycle engine that is not suitable for use, you can safely study master classes and start creating a unique coffee table.

Design features

A table made of an engine is an unusual piece of furniture that will fit into the design of an apartment, cafe, bar, made in the style of modern, loft or minimalism. Advantages and features of using art design:

  • creative use of a faulty motor;
  • extraordinary, stylish table design;
  • the ability to use unusual lighting;
  • cylinders fit as a stand for magazines, alcohol;
  • speakers can be additionally installed in the cylinder bores.

From the elements of a worn out motor it will turn out to be easy to build a coffee table or a bar table. Some elite companies offer to buy such furniture according to the catalog, only the cost of a non-standard product is quite high - more than 80,000 rubles. This pricing policy is explained not only by manual work, but also by the use of motors from luxury cars. On your own, you can make at least a stylish interior element from any faulty motorcycle engine or the well-known Ural truck.

Creating an art object with your own hands will save a significant amount. To work, you need a minimum of materials sent for recycling. Having collected a unique table, it will be possible to supplement it with other automotive parts.

The engine weighs at least 40 kg, so when working and during the transfer of the table to the room, the master should enlist the help of friends or relatives.

Material selection

To create a table from the engine, the first thing you need to do is select materials and tools. It should be based on the characteristics of the existing motor, its size and weight. The legs should be strong, the countertop should not crack during operation.

Engine blocks

To make creative furniture, absolutely any 4, 6, 8 or 12-cylinder block will do. Also need 4 pistons. The table from the cylinder block is “unpretentious”: you can pick up the material in the analysis, with cracks, chips or a motor going for recycling.For a budget option, an ICE taken from a Zhiguli or Volga is quite suitable, a more expensive design is made of a 6 or 8-cylinder engine Ford, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes.

The following types of cylinder block are distinguished in shape:

  1. In-line engine - the cylinders are arranged in a row, their maximum number is 6. Such a motor is not very convenient when assembling and operating the table, additional legs and mounts will be required so that the structure is stable.
  2. V-shaped engine - cylinders are located opposite each other, forming an angle (from 10 to 120 degrees). It will be most convenient to use the V6 model (6 cylinders that are used as a stand, backlight or for installing speakers).
  3. VR-shaped motor - has a minimum angle between the cylinders (15 degrees). The most famous representative of this group is the engine from the Volkswagen Golf VR6. To be able to use the cylinders as a stand for bottles, you will need to set the countertop high.
  4. W-shaped engine - consists of 16 cylinders located at an angle of 72 °. It is rarely used to make a table, since it will take a long time to process and disassemble it. Such a motor accelerates the Bugatti Veyron, the W12 Roadster concept car.

To manufacture the base of the table, other auto parts are also used:

  • springs are suitable for decorating support legs, they will strengthen the strength of the structure;
  • chrome discs are installed above the block, while it should be borne in mind that they can completely close the cylinders and make the structure heavier;
  • the crankshaft is used as a leg under the block or on top of it, with the help of this part you can make a higher table.

The described elements will be visible through a glass countertop, giving the furniture an even more futuristic look. Gears can be painted in a bright color (orange, red, blue) and make them a decor for the countertop, clock or art object on the wall.

All additional details are the same as the unit, clean and paint with chrome paint.

In-line engine
V engine
VR-shaped motor
W engine
Chrome wheels


The table top for the little table from the engine block must be transparent so that all structural elements are visible through it. Through the glass, backlight will leak out, which can be made of LED strips of different colors. The minimum thickness of the material is 0.8 mm, but for reliability it is better to take 1-2 cm. Some craftsmen choose shockproof glass, which increases the strength of the structure.

Often in catalogs are tables from the engine on which the brand of the car is engraved. Such a distinctive sign can be made independently by painting the countertop with an airbrush with a stencil or by applying a sticker on it.

The edge of the glass must be sanded, it is impossible to leave sharp or chipped places. The shape of the countertops depends on the selected block, its size and the wishes of the client. Most often, a rectangular or oval top is used in the design.

The minimum thickness of the material is 0.8 mm, it is better to choose shockproof glass
The edge of the glass must be sanded, no chipped places

Additional items

Additionally, to create a structure, you will need to purchase thick metal pipes or ready-made furniture legs that will support the engine. Also needed are wheels that can withstand the glass top, motor and give mobility to the table. To support the countertops, a chrome-plated hollow pipe and rubber washers (4-6 pieces) are needed. As fasteners, bolts for mounting wheels (14–16 pieces), hexagon bolts (12 pieces), nuts (4 pieces) are suitable.

Furniture legs
Rubber washers
Bolts for mounting wheels
Hex bolts

Tools, consumables and protective equipment

For safe operation, it is already recommended at the initial stage to wear a protective gown or apron, suitable shoes, gloves, and a respirator. If the engine requires cleaning with a grinder or sandblasting, eye protection is required. The following tools and consumables are also prepared:

  • metal brush, sandblasting apparatus;
  • detergent, degreaser, rust neutralizer, solvent;
  • sponge;
  • primer, enamel, epoxy glue, spray;
  • clean rags;
  • saw for metal;
  • welding machine, inert gas, electrodes;
  • taps and dies for threading;
  • drill.

If an engine is used on the surface of which there are chips, cracks, rust, it is necessary to update its appearance. To paint the motor, car paint in an aerosol is purchased. The most spectacular colors look with a metallic undertone, for example, cherry, emerald, blue, gold or silver.

Preparatory work

To create a table from the engine with your own hands, you will need to prepare the motor. In a particular master class, the V6 model is used. If connecting rods and pistons are present in the engine, they are removed, leaving the cylinders empty. Then proceed to cleaning the block from sagging, rust, oil stains. Features of preparation:

  1. Manual engine cleaning using cleaning agents is the most affordable and cheapest method. Use a liquid to remove fat and a sponge. To remove rust, a neutralizer is used, which is applied to the affected areas and can withstand 30-60 minutes. In the presence of severe corrosion, a metal brush is used.
  2. Cleaning the engine with a car wash will quickly get the perfect shiny base. But after such manipulations, the block soon becomes rusty.
  3. Sandblasting the engine will remove all traces of rust and will not provoke the appearance of new ones. But as a result of manipulations, the motor will become dull, so additional coloring will be required.

Next, the engine is treated with chrome paint, it can be of any color. First you need to apply a primer, which will become the base, providing good adhesion of the motor surface to the coloring matter. After the first layer has completely dried, the surface is re-treated. Enamel must be applied in several layers. The holes in the cylinders are sometimes painted in a different color; the gold or copper shade looks unusual.

You can apply threads to the pipes using a tap and a die. Also suitable klupp, which costs mere pennies. The tool is put on the pipe and scrolled with an adjustable wrench. If there is no experience in carrying out such work or a special tool is not enough, it is better to use the services of a turner.

Remove all unnecessary from the motor
To clear blocks from streaks, rust, oil stains
Primer several times
Apply thread
Enamel in several layers

Step by step creation of an art object

To prepare the countertop, it is necessary to drill 4 holes in it, which will serve as a place for the glass to be attached to the engine. The upper edge of the pipe, which will be used to support the glass surface, must be cut at an angle. In total, 4 such blanks are needed. After preparing and drying the unit, you can proceed with the assembly of the structure. The order of manufacture of the art object:

  1. Block V6 is turned over, 4 legs are attached to the bottom. For increased strength, one of them should be kept on 2-3 bolts.
  2. Castors are mounted to the legs, which are designed for engine weight.
  3. The block is turned over, now the stable legs are at the bottom, in its standard place.
  4. 4 parts of the pipe are attached to the block using bolts. Holders are mounted at the ends of the elements.
  5. The pipes are fixed in the holes made in the glass, additionally using silicone gaskets, they will allow to avoid scratches and cracks during operation of the table.

If desired, a speaker can be mounted inside a table made of a cylinder block - this option is suitable for fans of parties or use in cafes and bars.

Attach legs to the bottom of the unit
Install wheels
Attach 4 pistons to the unit using bolts
Drill holes in countertops
Install the countertop on the pistons
Lock the position with decorative elements

Backlight Mounting

To decorate a table from a block with LED backlight, it does not take much time. The tape is installed so that the cylinders are illuminated from the inside. Blue and violet colors look most spectacular, options with the use of flashing lights will be appropriate. The backlight is fixed with epoxy glue. Features of its location are determined exclusively by the aesthetic taste and imagination of the master. In the final stage, the cord with the power supply and the plug are output so that it is possible to connect the table to a nearby outlet.

As a backlight, you can use bulbs with different modes, which will be switched by a touch sensor installed under the countertop.

Independently, a table from the engine is going to be assembled for a sufficiently long time, because you will need to do a tremendous preparatory work, perhaps even use the services of a turner. But the finished art object, pleasing to the eye, while not a bit like the usual factory tables, is definitely worth the time and effort.

Using epoxy adhesive, attach the backlight so that the cylinders are illuminated from the inside
Cord with power supply and plug to the desired length


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