Sizes of dining tables of different shapes, furniture selection tips
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Sizes of dining tables of different shapes, furniture selection tips

How to choose the right height for adults and children

How to choose the right height for adults and children

The dimensions of the furniture are determined by the design, specifics and conditions of use. The greatest variety of options are tables. After all, this is a universal piece of furniture that can perform various functions. The optimal height of the table is due to its purpose and features of operation. It is difficult to use an instance that is not suitable for the characteristics, and sometimes it is not at all possible. What criteria affect the size, what are the structural and operational features of different types of tables - you should definitely find out about this before purchasing furniture.

Normative parameters depending on the type of product

Since there are no universal structures suitable for use in any conditions, you need to know how to choose the table height correctly. First of all, the main criteria are taken into account:

  • appointment;
  • age group of users;
  • operation features.

There is a concept - the standard height of the tables. It applies only to products of one group, for example, to dining furniture in the kitchen or student desk. For each variety, a specific set of characteristics is calculated, determined by sanitary requirements and GOST. For this reason, the standard height of the dining table, for example, will always differ from the size of the working, magazine or computer sample. It takes into account ergonomic requirements, the specifics of work and the duration of continuous use.

Table parameters are selected depending on the growth of people, 165 cm is taken as the average value for an adult. At the same time, common furniture (kitchen, dining) should have a size convenient for all family members. Since everyone has different growths, it is up to each case to decide which table height will be most suitable.

Today, transformer tables are widely used. They are convenient, save space. In the expanded (working) position, the parameters of such furniture fully comply with applicable standards and GOST requirements. Only the design changes, but not the dimensions or dimensions. At the same time, there are samples that allow for a complete change in characteristics - not only to increase or decrease the area of ​​the countertop, but also to raise or lower it as necessary. As a rule, such designs turn a coffee table into a dining or working one.

For children, the dimensions of the furniture are selected by height and age, the correct height of the table and chair is calculated by a special formula.

User Age Group
Operational Features


The standard height of kitchen tables according to GOST is in the range from 72 to 78 cm (GOST 13025.3-85).At the same time, there are standards for the maximum parameter (from the floor together with the countertop), and the minimum (from the floor to the lower crossbar of the leg binding). The second size is 61 cm. It is necessary to take it into account, since the kitchen table is used together with chairs, and the drawers should not interfere with sitting people. Thus, two parameters are taken into account - the height in the kitchen from the floor to the level of the drawer belt and to the upper plane of the countertop.

A separate parameter, regulated by GOST, is the distance between the legs of the table. On the frontal plane it is 91 cm, on the side - at least 45 cm. The size of the furniture is due to the need to place at least 2 people in comfort.

No less important parameter is the depth of the countertop. For a person, at least 40 cm is necessary, plus another 20 cm for tureens, salad bowls or other appliances placed in front of him. If the table is mounted on the wall, 60 cm wide is sufficient, with island placement of furniture the depth of the countertop should be at least 100 cm. Depending on the number of people, the dimensions change as follows:

  • for 6 people - 110 x 90 cm;
  • for 8 - 200 x 110 cm;
  • for 10 - 260 x 110 cm;
  • for 12 - 320 x 110 cm.

The width of the table almost does not change, as etiquette requires it, according to which two at the head of the table should not be placed.

If the countertop has a round shape, its parameters are also determined by the number of people:

  • 4 persons - diameter 110 cm;
  • 6 - 130 cm;
  • 8 - 150 cm;
  • 10 - 170 cm.

Sometimes the height of the table for the kitchen is determined based on working conditions or the parameters of other pieces of furniture. This happens, for example, when the apartment has a separate dining room. Typically, such a product is part of a kitchen set, the standard dimensions of which are determined differently. They work standing behind such furniture, so its height should be in the range of 80-85 cm. In this case, certain adjustments were made in terms of growth, since women usually prepare at the kitchen table.

Many kitchen tables have the ability to change the distance from the floor to the countertops, which allows you to adjust the work plane to individual parameters. The optimal height in such cases is selected depending on the growth of people, most often cooking in the house.

Standard table sizes
Dimensions depending on the number of people


The height of the desk is determined by the characteristics of the physique of a person. According to GOST, the dimensions should ensure normal performance for a long time. Existing standards take into account the constitution of an adult sitting on a chair. The correct height of the table should be such that the working surface is at the level of the diaphragm of a person. At the same time, he should sit upright, his legs bent at 90 degrees, his hands freely lowered to the countertop and bent at the elbows 90 degrees. The forearms are in a horizontal position. By calculations and measurements, the optimal height range was found - within 70-80 cm. When determining the parameters of desks, the width and total area of ​​the countertops are taken into account.

Currently, the desk is noticeably pushed aside by other modifications:

  • Desktop;
  • office option;
  • computer table.

These varieties have their own specific usage. The desktop should be spacious, allowing you to arrange a large number of objects or tools. Office models are a slightly simplified version of writing. The standard sample is made according to the same standards and requirements, the difference is only in the external design elements.

A separate group is formed by computer tables, the sizes of which are calculated taking into account the use of a monitor. For normal human performance, his gaze should be directed several degrees below the horizontal. Appropriate should be the height of the countertops. The standard sizes of computer tables for gamers manufactured by the industry are designed for users with a height of 170-175 cm.The countertop is 75 cm from the floor. This is an average figure suitable for most users. However, the standard height of computer desks does not suit many people, especially when you consider how much time is spent in front of the monitor screen. Each user should have an accurate idea of ​​what size of the workspace is most preferable for him.

Optimal desk dimensions
The correct position when working at a computer


Coffee tables are available in a wide range and have a variety of options. The functions they perform do not require tight binding to the growth or other parameters of users. Most often they are used as part of soft corners, so their dimensions correspond to the parameters of chairs or sofas. There are many shapes, sizes and designs of coffee tables. Their height starts from 40 cm, but there are no restrictions or standards in this regard.

The minimum height of the tea table is 10 cm, coffee - 30 cm, ombre - 60 cm. The depth of the countertop may vary depending on the design of the furniture.

The specifics of use primarily favor the decorative rather than the applied properties of these pieces of furniture. The focus is on the material, design, shape and design of the table. Often they are able to transform into other types of furniture, which significantly expands their operational capabilities. Such designs are convenient for use in small rooms where there is not enough space to accommodate a large number of items.

The dimensions of the coffee table correspond to the parameters of chairs or sofas


The dining table is an almost complete analogue of the kitchen, intended for eating. Its parameters are clearly defined in accordance with GOST, although such accuracy in this case is not so important. They rarely spend a long time behind him, so there is no danger of excessive fatigue or changes in people's posture. The dining table should have a height in the range from 72 to 78 cm, which allows, within certain limits, to choose the most successful option. The main thing is that the choice of furniture is provided by an assortment of furniture departments.

For people whose height does not allow the use of standard pieces of furniture, custom-made tables can be used. In addition, a comfortable size is obtained with height-adjustable legs. We should not forget about the chairs, which can also change the position of the body and adjust the parameters of the furniture in the desired direction.

The height of the negotiation tables is in the same range, however, it should be borne in mind that an area of ​​at least 70 cm is recommended for each conference participant, while the depth of the tabletop should be at least 65-70 cm.


Dressing tables provide convenience for facial skin care, makeup and other important procedures for every woman. The main element is the mirror, so the height of the countertops varies widely. The functional responsibilities of the dressing table are reduced to providing a surface that is convenient for placing perfumes, care items and cosmetics. Some sources claim that the height of the countertop should be strictly 75 cm, which is very controversial, since all women have their own aesthetic preferences, have different height and physique. In addition, the furniture itself can have a different design - from overall sets with massive side tables on the sides to a miniature mounted console. For this reason, only the woman herself can answer the question of what height of the toilet tables will be best.

A dressing table should be chosen based on your own preferences

Children and school

The body of the child is actively formed.At this stage, it is important to ensure the appropriate conditions for it, otherwise a violation of posture, curvature of the spine, vision problems and other undesirable consequences are possible. The children's table must exactly match the growth and other physiological characteristics of the child. There are several varieties of such models:

  • desk;
  • table for creativity;
  • Easel (for drawing).

The difference between these items from each other is the position of the countertop, which can be inclined, horizontal and vertical.

Little table for creativity

Unlike other types, a table for creativity should be made in accordance with certain requirements. A size of work surface is needed to provide the ability to fold all the necessary accessories. At the same time, there should be enough space for the actions of the child. The minimum size of the working field in this case is from 40 to 60 cm, depending on age, and the total depth of the countertop (taking into account the space for pencils, paints, plasticine and other accessories) is from 60 to 80 cm.

When choosing a table for a child, you must be guided by the following principles:

  1. The distance from the eyes to the surface of the table should be equal to the distance from the fingertips to the elbow of the child.
  2. The height of the countertop above the knees should be 10-15 cm.
  3. The legs at the knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, the same applies to the arms bent at the elbows and freely lowered to the surface of the table.

You must also remember that the child is growing rapidly, so you should make small adjustments in determining the size of furniture.

The correct position of the child at the table
The optimal size of the children's table

The ratio of the height of the chairs

Proportions for different age groups differ from each other. So, the height of the table and chair for adults should be correlated as 5 and 3. This recommendation is spelled out in GOST. For example, if the height of the working surface above the floor is 75 cm, then the chair should be (75: 5) × 3 = 45 cm. This formula is true in the vast majority of cases, but it can be useless for too tall people. They should order furniture of the optimum size for themselves in a specialized organization. Product parameters vary depending on the age and height of children.

Height and age of the child

Worktop height from floor

Seat height

Up to 84 cm, from 1 year

0.34 m

0.18 m

0.85-1 m, 3 to 4 years old

0.4 m

0.22 m

1-1.15 m, 5-6 years

0.46 m

0.26 m

1.15-1.3 m, 7-9 years old

0.52 m

0.3 m

1.3-1.45 m, 10-12 years old

0.58 m

0.34 m

1.45-1.53 ​​m, 13-14 years old 0.64 m

0.38 m

1.54-1.61 m, 15-16 years old

0.67 m

0.45 m

1.62-1.70 m, 17-18 years old

0.71 m

0.47 m

When choosing the most successful option, you should first proceed from the height of the child, age in this case is not so fundamental.

Table and chair parameters depending on height

It should be noted that all ratios are correct only for people of average height and standard body sizes. At the same time, each person has individual characteristics for which the usual approach is not suitable. In addition, mathematical calculation is not always appropriate, it is easier to check the degree of convenience on the spot. The most correct ratio:

  • in a person sitting on a chair, legs set on the floor form an angle of 90 degrees;
  • the back is straight, hands, freely lowered to the table top, form an angle of 90 degrees at the elbows.

This is the best option for a kitchen desktop. When choosing a writing, they usually proceed from the level of the edge of the working surface - it should abut against the diaphragm. Distribution networks offer standard furniture, among which it is extremely difficult to find specific models. Sometimes a problem is solved with custom-made furniture, as well as through the purchase of copies with adjustable parameters. Some adjustments are made by changing the height of the chairs, for which high or screw structures can be used. It must be borne in mind that manufacturers proceed not only from the requirements of GOST, but from the dimensions of the material.If it is unprofitable to produce the tables required for medical indicators, they change the parameters to optimize the consumption of raw materials.

The correct position at the kitchen table

How to choose the best options for the family

A properly selected table should be convenient for all people sitting at it. If the size of the desk is selected according to the characteristics of the figure of one person, then the growth of family members or their guests cannot be the same. To solve the issue, different methods are used:

  • children can be seated on special chairs;
  • for people too tall, use low seats.

In practice, they are usually guided by the growth of the highest member of the family, choosing the size of furniture for him. It is allowed to reduce standard ratios to 5 cm. Often this is enough to comfortably accommodate everyone else. However, if the difference in size is too large, for low households there is always the opportunity to increase the distance of the seat to the floor in order to achieve the optimal ratio of furniture heights. Under the legs, you can install a bench or insert a support bar between the legs of the chair.

In any case, the problem is relevant only for the general dining table. All other designs are easy to customize. However, the larger the family, the more difficult it is to provide optimal conditions for everyone. Most often they find a compromise solution that more or less satisfies all household members.

A properly selected table should be convenient for everyone sitting at it
For tall people use low seats
Children can be seated on special chairs.


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