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Sizes of dining tables of different shapes, furniture selection tips

Sizes of dining tables of different shapes, furniture selection tips

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the house. It is here that all family members have dinner, guests gather, sometimes even holidays are celebrated. The central place in this room is occupied by a dining table, the dimensions of which should ensure a comfortable meal. Modern models differ not only in parameters, but also in form. Knowing the features of the products, you can choose the perfect option for small and spacious rooms.

Capacity depending on shape

Factory-made kitchen tables always have standardized dimensions. Available in several forms:

  1. Rectangular The classic configuration that has been successfully used for zoning space. Holds 4 to 8 people. Advantages: usability, practicality, versatility. Disadvantages: injury due to sharp corners.
  2. Square. Such models of dining tables are suitable for small families, can accommodate no more than four people, large - up to eight people. They are relevant only for spacious rooms. Advantages: operating comfort, space saving, mobility. Disadvantages: do not fit into narrow rooms, the presence of sharp corners.
  3. Round. Models look great in large kitchens, provide excellent visibility, accommodate 4-8 people. Advantages: give the interior sophistication and sophistication, safe to use. Disadvantages: you can’t move it against the wall if the area is large, sitting people can’t reach the central part.
  4. Oval. It features a non-standard appearance, accommodates from 4 to 10 people. Advantages: practicality, for convenience they are not inferior to rectangular options, but they do not have sharp corners. Disadvantages: not suitable for small rooms.

If the parameters of the kitchen are so small that even a small table will take up too much space, it is worth paying attention to the semicircular options. They fit well in small rooms. The choice of the appropriate shape of the product depends on the area of ​​the room, the number of households, interior design and individual preferences. The dining table should be convenient and practical, as it is designed for long-term use.

Square model
Oval shape
Semicircular wall

Standard dimensions of rectangular models

A table for the kitchen with parameters of 60 x 35 cm is optimal for one person. It is these dimensions that are needed for location in accordance with the rules of etiquette: a plate in the center, cutlery at the edges. The minimum width for the pair is 70 cm.In order to conveniently sit opposite each other, arrange decanters, dishes and other objects, it is worth giving preference to large indicators - 80-90 cm.

The dimensions of the dining table are selected taking into account the number of persons. The most common options include:

  • 150 x 90 cm - designed for four;
  • 160 x 90 cm - accommodates up to 6 guests;
  • 200 x 110 cm - for 8 people;
  • 260 x 110 cm - for 10 people;
  • 320 x 110 cm - up to 12 people.

When choosing suitable sizes, the dimensions of the room must be taken into account. The usability of the furniture is affected by the passage around it, as well as the distance the chairs move away. The gaps between the table and other interior items should not be less than 1 meter.

Width is an important indicator of the table, affecting a comfortable meal. About 60 cm per person. Based on this principle, you can choose the best option. For a family of 4 households who are seated opposite each other, ideal parameters are from 120 cm. With such a width, each person will occupy a comfortable position, will not push his neighbor with his elbows during the meal.

The standard depth per person is 40 cm. When calculating, it is necessary to take into account the fact that during lunch or dinner, salad bowls, dishes with bread, tureens are installed in the center of the countertop. So that everyone sitting could easily reach for food, another 20 cm is added to 40 cm.

For a model mounted on the wall and designed for one person, the ideal depth is 65 cm. If two people sit at the table, the figures increase to 100 cm.

How to calculate the optimal size

Knowing the norm of the area necessary for one person sitting at the table, you can independently calculate the size of the table of any shape. As a result, food intake will take place in the most comfortable conditions. A correctly selected model will easily fit into the allotted space.

According to the standards, the parameters per person are: width - 60 cm, depth - 40 cm. In the central part of the table provides free space, about 20 cm, for arranging dishes. Based on this information, the general parameters of the model are calculated. To do this, 40 is multiplied by 2, 20 is added, it turns out 80 cm.

The perimeter of a rectangular product depends on the estimated number of people. So, indicators for a model for 6 people are calculated using a simple formula. 60 is multiplied by 6, it turns 360 cm.

It is recommended to select the size of the dining table, guided by the area of ​​the room. The arrangement is thought out in advance, the length and width of the room are measured. The optimum distance to other pieces of furniture must be observed. The number of seats is determined by the number of households, but you can add 2 more in case guests arrive.

Table space for 4 people
Table space allocation standards for 6 people

Popular diameters of round countertops

The standard sizes of round kitchen tables are 75-80 cm. The parameters are designed for 4 people. If you increase the diameter to 130 cm, the number of guests increases to 6. Accordingly, 150 cm - by 8 people, 170 cm - by 10.

The best place to place a round table is the corner area of ​​the room. If a window is located nearby, this creates additional volume, due to which the room increases visually. It is possible to install in the central part of the kitchen, but in this case more ambient space is required.

To calculate the size of the dining table, it is necessary to clarify the number of people who will sit at it. Experts recommend choosing for 4 guests products with a diameter of 110 cm. When adding 10 cm, an additional seat appears. The maximum recommended diameter is 170 cm, but models that are too large lose their advantages and take up a lot of space.

The round table needs proper lighting. When placed in a corner, the furniture will be offset from the main ceiling light source, so additional lights will be required.They complement the design of the product, separate the dining area from the work.

Sizes of round tables
Ergonomics of the round table for 4 persons
Ergonomics for 6 people

Features of oval furniture

When choosing a setting for the kitchen, you should study the advantages and disadvantages of furniture, evaluate the parameters of the room. For spacious rooms, wide tabletops are optimal, for small ones - transformable structures. Today, an oval table, which has significant advantages, is popular:

  1. Large capacity. The table top allows you to arrange many dishes.
  2. Functionality. Folding structures are disassembled, acquiring an oval shape. When assembled, they are compact round products.
  3. A variety of materials. Particularly attractive dining table made of wood. It harmonizes with any interior, looks luxurious and presentable.
  4. Convenience of accommodation. Due to the large number of seats, all guests will feel comfortable.
  5. Security. Due to the lack of sharp corners, injuries are minimized.

If we compare the ends of oval tables with rectangular models in terms of the amount of usable area, it turns out that the former are in no way inferior to the traditional form.

Of great importance are the dimensions of the kitchen table. Oval models can have different capacities depending on the diameter:

  • from 110 cm - no more than 4 guests;
  • 130 cm - 6 seats;
  • 150 cm - 8 people;
  • 170 cm - no more than 10 people.

Choosing the right furniture parameters should be based on the number of households. If the family consists of 4 people, the length of the table is 300 cm and the width is 110 cm, there will be too many, difficulties will arise in the delivery of common objects. Along with this, very small oval countertops in the interior create a feeling of incompleteness, a random element of the decor.

Sizes of an oval table

How to determine the appropriate height

Users often encounter difficulties when planning to purchase furniture of a certain height in the kitchen. Almost everywhere a standard size is realized, which is 72-78 cm. The average value is 75 cm, this is the necessary limit at which the knees of a seated person do not rest against the base of the structure. This value is designed for traditional adult growth - 165 cm.

To determine the optimal height based on individual parameters, a special formula is used. Own growth should be multiplied by the standard height of the furniture and divided by 165 cm. At 175 cm, the following actions are performed: 175 is multiplied by 75 and divided by 165. It turns out 79.5, which is the ideal distance from the floor to the edge of the countertop.

If the family consists of people of different height, children who will still grow, you can buy chairs or tables with adjustable height. Products will be adjusted to individual parameters, providing comfort when eating. Such furniture can be used for several years.

There is another way to calculate the size of the table for the kitchen. If the height of a man is 190 cm, women - 175, the calculation is made according to the formula. 175 is added to 190, the resulting number is divided by 2, 182.5 is obtained. This is the average height of family members, on the basis of which the height of the furniture is determined.

For children, the standard table sizes do not exist, the products are designed only for adults. The ideal solution is to use a chair with height-adjustable legs.

Dining Table Height Standards

Choosing a model for the kitchen

Often when purchasing furniture, attention is drawn only to the appearance. There are recommendations of experts on how to choose the perfect table for 2-12 people:

  1. It is necessary to find out the characteristics of the materials used, because the quality, durability and safety of the model depend on them.
  2. The color and style of the table should match the design of the kitchen set and other elements of the environment or contrast with them.In the latter case, the original performance serves for the correct arrangement of accents.
  3. The dimensions of the furniture also depend on the size of the room. In a spacious room, you can use any model, in a small one - compact or folding.
  4. In a square kitchen, round and oval countertops look great, in an elongated - it is better to put the product by the window.

With a shortage of space, constructions equipped with special mechanisms are used, due to which the surface of the countertop increases. Transformers are built into the headset and, if necessary, extend. The furniture with a leg has the greatest stability. Folding products take up a minimum of space. Depending on the model, the wings lower and rise, or an additional element extends from the central part. As a result, from small double furniture, complete kitchen tables for 4 people are obtained.

Modern sliding mechanisms can increase the length of the tabletop by 30-250 cm. Some tables for two when unfolding provide from 4 to 6 additional seats.

In a small kitchen, it is better to select furniture with a thin elegant base. Chromed metal legs are suitable. Bulky structures of dark color with massive supports are inappropriate in small rooms.

For two, semicircular models are optimal, for an average family of 3-4 people - square or round options. When choosing a table for 6 people or more, you should pay attention to rectangular and oval countertops. These forms are optimal for accommodating a large number of guests.

The convenience of eating depends on the size of the dining table. When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the countertops, spaciousness, depth and width of products, as well as design design. Of great importance are the parameters of the kitchen, because it is they that affect the size and shape of the furniture.

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