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Rules for choosing a wardrobe for the hall, features of models

Rules for choosing a wardrobe for the hall, features of models

The drawing room is an important room in any apartment or house. It is intended for meetings with friends and for hanging out with family members. The room is large in size, therefore it is additionally used to install a sliding wardrobe in the hall, which is used to store clothes, bags, souvenirs and other items.

Designation of structures

When choosing a cabinet, its purpose is taken into account, so future owners must determine in advance the goals of the purchase. The purpose of the wardrobe in the hall can be different:

  • storage of wardrobe items - this is the purpose that is considered the most common, since the designs are large and equipped with special storage systems for different clothes. They can be open or closed, and are also equipped with a different number of compartments;
  • maintenance of household items - in large compartments of such furniture, it is optimal to have different household appliances or other large items. Often, a vacuum cleaner, a sewing machine, and even an ironing board are installed at the bottom of the compartment. In small compartments clothes, an iron, a juicer and other devices can be stored;
  • room decoration - often a wardrobe is chosen in the hall on the entire wall, which has not only closed compartments with shelves and drawers, but also open elements. They can be set books, souvenirs and various decorative items. With an interesting arrangement of these things, you can originally decorate the room;
  • replacement of a full berth. If a design for Khrushchev is chosen, then each owner of such an apartment wants any interior item to be multifunctional. An ideal choice is a special wardrobe equipped with a folding bed. In this case, it not only acts as an optimal place to store numerous things, but also serves as a complete place to sleep.

A feature of sliding wardrobes is that they perform several functions at the same time, and are also effectively used by each family member, and this is due to competently calculated sizes, thoughtful installation of shelves and drawers, as well as the presence of hangers, rods and other types of accessories.

If you choose a design for a small apartment, then its design and size should be suitable for the chosen style and visually increase the space. Therefore, light models are purchased that are installed in the corner or which are built-in cabinets.

White living room

Built-in four-door wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe in the hall

Choose a wardrobe in the living room in the whole wall

Glossy wardrobe

Main varieties

Sliding wardrobes to the hall in the photo are presented in different forms, so it is possible to choose different designs for this room. According to the device, they can be:

  • built-in - there is no back or even side walls in them. Usually selected for niches or different recesses available in the room.The advantages of such a purchase include the low construction price, as well as the opportunity to save space in the room. The disadvantages include the fact that the appearance of the walls, which act as the walls of the furniture, deteriorates;
  • modular - such interior items consist of numerous modules that can be changed, rearranged or retracted if necessary. The cabinet does not act as a holistic design, therefore it is considered universal. The number of modules is selected depending on the purpose of the cabinet, as well as on how many things will be stored in it. It is advisable to choose not only deaf sections, but also open ones, as well as equipped with glass or mirrors for a more attractive look. If you need to store things on your shoulders, you can add a large compartment with a crossbar;
  • case - can have a different design, and are also integral structures that can not be disassembled into components. Before buying them, you need to decide in advance exactly where they can be located, since they usually have large sizes. They are made of fiberboard or chipboard sheets, and natural wood can also be used;
  • Corner - designed to be installed in a corner and save space. This option is suitable for living rooms that are small in size or already equipped with many other interior items.

Sliding wardrobes designed for the living room may additionally differ in other parameters:

  • the material of manufacture, since it is possible to find structures made of wood or of particleboard, MDF or even plastic;
  • filling, on which the comfort and versatility of furniture depends, and it can be changed by the owners themselves;
  • number of doors, as the cabinets can be equipped with two, three or even four sliding doors.

There are many design ideas that are used to stylishly design the living room, so before buying different furniture it is recommended to choose one stylistic direction and select all the items in accordance with this choice.

Built-in wardrobe in the hall
Built in
Cabinet cabinet in the hall
Modular wardrobe in the hall
Corner wardrobe in the hall

Shape and size

Manufacturers produce cabinets that differ in size and shape. The choice of these parameters depends on various factors, for example, on the preferences and financial capabilities of users, as well as on the available space in the hall.Furniture dimensions do not always directly affect its spaciousness. With a competent arrangement of different storage systems, it is possible to get a multifunctional item.

Sliding wardrobes can have different forms:

  • direct;
  • triangular, installed in the corner of the room;
  • radius, taking up a lot of space;
  • concave or convex, characterized by a unique look;
  • five-walled;
  • diagonal or trapezoidal.
Wave wardrobe in the hall
Direct closet
Radius cabinet in the hall
Trapezoidal wardrobe in the hall
Triangular wardrobe

Size depends on the shape, but when choosing dimensions, some features are taken into account:

  • the height of the product depends on the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the room, and some people prefer to install cabinets that will practically reach the ceiling, while others want to store different objects on top, so this figure varies from 1.5 m to 2.2 m ;
  • the bottom of the cabinet is represented by a base, which provides protection of the floor covering from deformation, and also makes it possible to easily wash the space under the structure, and it is usually 5 cm in height;
  • if the room is small, then it is undesirable to acquire a high model;
  • with a limited room size, the corner cabinet is considered optimal;
  • the depth is usually within 55 cm, but it can significantly increase or decrease, so for a small room an indicator of 35 cm is selected, and for a large room a depth of 70 cm is allowed;
  • the width depends on the design of the cabinet and the available space, so it is usually in the range from 1 to 5 m;
  • the distance between the shelves is standardly 40 cm, but the owners of the structure can change this parameter, for which it is preliminarily considered which items will be stored on the shelves;
  • the upper mezzanines usually reach 60 cm in height.

Thus, the choice of shape and size is an important point. It depends on various factors, therefore, these parameters are selected individually.

Another design option

Sliding wardrobe sizes

Corner wardrobe in the hall

Narrow wardrobe in the hall

Drawings of cabinets

Location options

Before buying a cabinet, you need to decide where to place it in the room. The size, design and shape of the product depend on this. The cabinet can be located in different parts of the hall:

  • corner of the room - for this place, an angular model of the closet is purchased. It has high functionality, and also does not take up much space. Such an installation uses space that is rarely used for other purposes;
  • along the wall - a cabinet placed in this way is considered convenient for use. It is suitable for large rooms, and can also have different widths. This location option is chosen most often by buyers of structures;
  • in the center of the room - this installation method is rarely used. It is suitable for studio apartments in which large furniture acts as partitions for dividing a single space into several separate zones;
  • in a niche - if there is a certain recess in the living room, then it can be used to install a built-in wardrobe. This option provides significant space savings.

Thus, the installation location is selected in advance, which further allows you to correctly choose the design itself.

Wardrobe in the corner
In the corner
Cabinet in the center of the room
In the center
Cabinet along the wall
Along the wall
Sliding wardrobe in a niche
In a niche

How to combine with the style of the interior

At registration of the hall various design ideas can be embodied. All interior items should correspond to the chosen style, therefore, when choosing a cabinet, the main nuances are taken into account:

  • it should fit well into the interior design, so for hi-tech it is advisable to purchase a product in a metallic color, for classics choose strict and sophisticated models, and for minimalism, products that differ in simple shapes and small sizes;
  • the wardrobe must be combined with other furnishings;
  • its coloring should be well suited to the color scheme of the room.

If the cabinet does not fit into the interior design, this will lead to the fact that the room will not be visually harmonious.

Doors of a compartment with photo printing

Cabinet design

Mirror design

Furniture Ideas

Production of sliding wardrobes

Decoration options

When choosing a cabinet, its appearance is always taken into account. Design can be developed independently, so often people buy a standard product with closed facades, and then decorate it with their own hands in different ways.

The most popular ways of decorating facades are:

  • Mirroring
  • matte facades;
  • the use of colored glass;
  • processing of glass facades with a sandblasting tool, and this process can be done by hand;
  • printing on the surface of the product, for which various images are selected;
  • use of regular gloss;
  • the use of original frescoes, perfect for the classic design of the interior;
  • laser engraving;
  • surface finish with bamboo, leather or rattan.

Before directly decorating the product, it is important to make sure that the result will look great in the hall. Thus, wardrobes are often chosen for the living room. They have many advantages and can be used for various purposes. Presented in many forms, and also have a variety of shapes and sizes. Models are selected that fit well into the interior, combined with other furnishings and suitable for the color scheme of the room. If necessary, you can do your own decorating the cabinet.


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