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Options for metal inventory cabinets, selection tips

Options for metal inventory cabinets, selection tips

Both in production and in home, a metal cabinet is often used for inventory, in which it is convenient to store household cleaning supplies, detergents, disinfectants, and also special clothes. With it, you can ensure order in the room.


On the basis of labor protection requirements, at any production site, areas should be allocated for the storage of household equipment for cleaning the premises. But not all enterprises have such an opportunity, and the acquisition of compact furniture would be an ideal option.

Metal cabinet for inventory locker can be in demand for:

  • various linen;
  • for sports equipment;
  • storage of medical supplies in pharmacies;
  • storage of cleaning and detergents;
  • workers' clothes;
  • garden tools;
  • tool storage;
  • dressing up disabled people.

The design has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • this type of specific furniture is quite compact, will last for many years, and is practical during operation;
  • the cabinet for inventory is easy to clean with a damp cloth and simple detergents, the coating is anticorrosive;
  • no dust gets inside;
  • shelves can be arranged at your own discretion, it is also possible to remove part of the shelves if necessary;
  • the cabinet is lightweight and can be easily reinstalled.

The cabinet for inventory is quite roomy, despite its small size.

Where to store inventory

Double wing cabinet

Advantages of models

Metal tool cabinet

Household metal cabinet


Metal furniture differ in design and other features. Such products may be:

  • welded ball joints - made of high strength material. They are designed for increased fire resistance, but their weight is quite large. Scope - on fire and explosive industries;
  • collapsible ShRM - according to the main characteristics, they are similar to welded, but since they are disassembled, it is easy to move them from one place to another;
  • SHAM is a cabinet for household equipment with a large capacity;
  • modular - consist of separate sections or modules, from them it is easy to assemble the desired design. Widely used in locker rooms, sports facilities and other public places;
  • storage cabinets - this equipment is designed to store household equipment, as well as other purposes.
Archive and storage cabinet
Archive and Warehouse
Modular cabinet
Folding cabinet
Welded cabinet

Cabinet design is possible in several types:

  • hinged - these are small-sized cabinets designed for small loads. Their advantage is that there is free space on the floor or other solid foundation;
  • floor - this design is the most in demand. A large number of tools, parts, blanks can be stored here.Also, it is possible to place in it overalls for changing clothes, a housekeeper, and also other means;
  • mobile - with their help you can move the tool to any place of work.

A metal cabinet is distinguished by advantages from analogues made of wood - it will last longer and has high fire resistance.

Wall cabinet
Floor cabinet
Mobile cabinet

Interior fittings and features

The cabinet for cleaning equipment is made of sheet steel, powder coated, has one or two wings. It can be equipped with several sections - these are shelves with different sizes for storing cleaning products, as well as washing industrial premises, and the second compartment is designed to accommodate equipment, work clothes and other things. Furniture for the household equipment is equipped with a safe lock, as well as quick-release fasteners, ensuring its free opening.Locker cabinet is used in locker rooms, designed for left-luggage offices, production needs, sports sections, educational institutions. Assembly is carried out on self-tapping screws, as well as hooks.

It is completed with the following elements:

  • a lock of 2000 combinations (it is possible to use a padlock);
  • shelves for hats, shoes;
  • hooks or crossbeams to hang clothes;
  • shelves to store objects, the location of which can be varied.

A cabinet for storing cleaning equipment and disinfectants has many functional advantages:

  • high ability to withstand the effects of high temperatures;
  • the presence of ventilation openings, contributing to the maintenance of normal temperature and humidity conditions for things and means stored in it;
  • providing protection against direct sunlight;
  • protection against possible theft, as the design solution provides a lock;
  • dividing the space inside provides compactness, as well as convenience when arranging things;
  • the ability to attach household equipment to each other;
  • simplicity of assembly operations.

Most often issued, consisting of two departments. The purpose of the first is to store detergents, rags, buckets, and the second - longer items. As a rule, the second compartment is not equipped with shelves.

Possible filling

Storage room equipment

Storage of equipment in cabinets with doors

Case economic metal

Cabinets for cleaning equipment

Selection and placement tips

A cabinet for utility equipment locker can be purchased in private or industrial use. Despite the fact that such cabinets have many advantages, there are still nuances when choosing:

  • dimensions are the first selection criteria. Initially, you should consider where the cabinet for cleaning equipment will be placed. Then you should make measurements of this place, and after that - select the desired model. It is preferable to give a choice to a double-wing cabinet, there is more space in it. With a shortage of space, you can pick up two small cabinets, they are easy to put in a corner, this will also provide convenience and practicality;
  • internal dimensions - the width for the side wall cabinet for household equipment can be up to 600 mm or within 300 mm. It is worth considering that the bucket will not fit in a narrow cabinet, so it is better to give the choice in favor of a wide option;
  • ventilation openings in order to save space and compact location, it is necessary to store at the same time funds for household purposes in one cabinet, as well as special clothes. Since the latter emits various odors, it must be placed in a ventilated place, so the presence of ventilation holes in this case will be helpful;
  • integrity or collapsibility of structural elements. If the location of the cabinet is constant and does not need to be changed, then you can choose a welded structure. Conversely, when the cabinets will move, the collapsible option will be the most successful.

The locker is easy to assemble with your own hands, and installation on the intended place also has its own subtleties:

  • a cabinet for garden tools is best placed under a canopy, so it will be less exposed to atmospheric precipitation;
  • the foundation should be solid and even so that there are no subsidence of the ground and distortions;
  • A household outdoor cabinet or a cabinet located indoors should not be exposed to voltage. It should be remembered that the metal has a high conductivity of electric current, and this is dangerous;
  • No need to cover sockets, switches and wiring with the back or side wall.

A locker or cabinet for household equipment must meet the required characteristics, only in this case it will be convenient for operation and wet cleaning of all structural parts.


A photo

Utility cabinet

Tool cabinet

Cabinet for cleaning equipment

Metal cabinet for inventory

Metal cabinet

Leg cabinet

Mobile cabinet

Cabinet with two wings

Drying cabinet

All-welded cabinet


Household cabinets

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