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Construction and design of the chair Ikea Strandmon, combination with the interior

Construction and design of the chair Ikea Strandmon, combination with the interior

The Swedish brand Ikea has always sought to improve the lives of its customers by increasing the practicality and comfort of furniture. One of the most popular products is the Ikea Strandmon chair - a direct confirmation of the company's policy. Judging by the numerous reviews, users have long called this furniture a real quality standard. In addition, this is a vivid example of the availability of products of the famous manufacturer for people with different incomes, which can be seen not only in the cost of the chair, but also in its rather simple design.

Design features

Strandmon from Ikea is a fireplace chair with "ears". The main advantages of this model are the following points:

  • specially selected height, depth and width create an ergonomic design that takes into account the shape of the body and evenly distributes the weight of the user;
  • on the Strandmon chair people of various weight categories and different sizes can comfortably sit down, at the same time this furniture does not take up much space in the room;
  • a distinctive feature of the model is that the “ears” placed on the headrest are not just a decorative element, they protect the person sitting from drafts and curvature of the cervical spine;
  • the armrests are made with a slight bend, which makes them more stable and increases the working area for a comfortable hand position.

The design of the chair shows an emphasis on classic elements, while there are also vintage motifs. Despite this “neighborhood”, the furniture looks quite modern.

The design of the popular model allows you to install Strandmon in a room decorated in almost any style. The study will reveal all the classic notes of the product, and the room itself will become more official, but will not torment the eye. Great Strandmon will look in the living room, made in pastel colors. The bedroom furnishings can also be supplemented with a stylish armchair, which will dilute the monotonous interior. Another placement option is a spacious corridor or entrance hall, so the excellent sense of taste of the owners of the apartment will be noticeable even from the entrance.


The upholstery of the Strandmon chair is presented in several shades:

  • blue and gray - great for an office or bedroom;
  • green and yellow - organically fit into the informal atmosphere of the living room, hallway.

In addition, future owners have the opportunity to choose upholstery a tone darker or lighter than the colors presented. Many buyers complain that the model is not available in black version. Representatives of the company explain this decision quite simply: the Strandmon chair with a headrest was created for complete relaxation, so the dark tones that are often associated with negativity are completely excluded.

If the colors presented on the Russian market are not satisfied, you can familiarize yourself with the offers for European countries. The catalog pages of Germany, France and Sweden have turquoise, dark green shades, as well as prints with a bright pattern of flowers and tropical plants. Such chair models can be ordered through special delivery services, to clarify the procedure, you need to contact the information desk of the nearest Ikea store.

The legs of Strandmon are made in classic brown color, which emphasizes the naturalness, naturalness of the material. For interiors with light floors, you can choose an element of beige shade. The main seat cover is removable, machine washable without any problems. If desired, you can purchase a removable cape in a different shade and change colors depending on the time of year or mood.

The best place to place this chair is a room decorated in pastel colors. Since the furniture is made in the same color scheme, such an atmosphere will create a pleasant combination for the eyes that will not violate the overall harmony.

For monochrome interiors, it is best to choose yellow or light gray shades of the chair, the second option will fit perfectly into the unity of the picture, and the first one will boldly dilute it. If there are fears of violating the harmony of the palette, you can add an element similar in color to the armchair to the room. It can be a floor lamp, a large pillow, rug, or plaid. But the main thing is that this object is closer to the side opposite from the chair, otherwise there is a risk of creating a bright spot that is unpleasant for the eyes.


In the manufacture of the Strandmon chair with a headrest, a combination of artificial and natural materials is used. Such a mix allows you to get a very durable and high-quality product that can withstand more than one decade. Also, the combination of materials greatly simplifies the maintenance of furniture. The upholstery of the chair consists of cotton (40%), linen (20%), polyester with viscose (40%).

For dry cleaning of the product, it is enough to use a conventional vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning can be carried out using a steam cleaner. In the event of persistent contamination, it is permissible to use non-aggressive cleaning products for furniture dry cleaning. When washing a removable cover in a machine, it is advisable to use liquid powder or a special shampoo.

Hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing components are used as a filler. The artificial environment does not attract harmful microorganisms, which are the main enemies of natural fillers.

  1. The seat includes polypropylene with polyester. These materials retain their shape for a long time even with frequent use, and also do not need additional care.
  2. The frame of the chair Ikea Strandmon is made of beech, particleboard and plywood.
  3. The legs of the product are made of solid beech wood, varnished to maintain their original appearance for years.

This combination simplifies assembly, makes the overall design quite light, but at the same time reliable.

Design and dimensions

The seat of the Strandmon chair with a headrest is low, which will be convenient for people of different sizes. It is quite possible to sit on it with an even posture, but a slight slope pulls it to lean back to the head. Soft "ears" are made specially so that in the reclining position one could lean against the ledges and rest comfortably or even doze off.

The headrest of the chair is designed in a special way to relax, relieve fatigue from the chest and also cervical region of the spine. Such a support for the head is just a godsend for people who find it difficult to stay with a straight back for a long time. In addition, the chair has slightly curved inward legs, they firmly hold the product, and are also able to withstand any weight thanks to the load distribution system and high-quality material. This arrangement of supports provides stability to the entire structure, so the probability of a person falling along with the chair is reduced to zero.

Dimensions Strandmon is another parameter for which you can love this furniture. The model is not bulky and fits into any free corner, leaving enough space around for a lamp, pouffe, table or nightstand. The width of the structure is 82 cm, the height is 101 cm, and the depth is 96 cm. The distance from the floor to the seat is 45 cm, which is quite convenient for both tall people and users of medium and small stature. All these parameters make Strandmon the most stable product capable of withstanding heavy loads.

All the best ideas of the Ikea company were fully implemented in the Strandmon chair, as a result a very comfortable, roomy product with small dimensions was obtained. The model is perfect for the decor of any room and will create the right mood. The IKEA company has once again proved that it can make not only beautiful, comfortable, but accessible furniture, because Strandmon is a chair that organically combines with any design. The design is not only ergonomic, but also contributes to a healthy pastime without harming the spine and lower back. Considering international quality standards and the wishes of customers, the company released a product that will not leave indifferent lovers of classics, vintage and modern interiors.


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